The Simple 401(k) System for Small Businesses

SIMPLE to set up, EASY to Operate, Surprisingly AFFORDABLE

If you are curious about the ONLY Retirement Plan System built to create Real Retirement Readiness and to generate an ROI , then let's schedule a 20 minute call.

It's like an entire business-building package for less than you'd pay for just a 401(k) Specialist (if you could find one)!

  • * Small Plan 401(k) specialists

  • * Employee Roadmap to help employees build health, wealth and retirement savings

  • * Owners Portal to help owners make more, stress less, and build an “exitable” business

  • * AI Bot for your website (this Bot is really going to blow you away!) 

  • * A full suite of Marketing and Communication tools to capture and convert more leads

BONUS #1:The Employee Roadmap is a step-by-step Roadmap that helps employees build the health, the wealth, the job skills and the retirement savings to live their best (most productive) lives today, and the retirement of their dreams (New Modules are released Quarterly).
BONUS #2: The SMB Owners Portal where there's an expanding collection of Training to help you Make More, Stress Less, and Build a Valuable Business that is positioned to sell for the highest valuation and multiple.
BONUS #3: A Complimentary (Free)  FlowTrack account! It's 14 Services to Run your Business. 
BONUS #4: A Complimentary (Free)  AI Website Chat Bot! 

About Me

After coaching High School and Division I College athletes, I spent  2 decades as a 401(k) and insurance guy.

When it comes to 401(k)s, I’ve pretty much done it all…I've worked as a Wholesaler (teaching Advisors how to sell and service 401(k)s), as a TPA Sales Rep (helping businesses design a Plan to meet their goals), and worked with around 160 businesses directly helping set-up and service their retirement plans.

Along the way I earned my Securities licenses (6, 7, 63, 66) and a handful of Designations including AIF, CFPA, PRP, CRPS.

BUT, I became frustrated that the 401(k) industry treated the 401(k) as a Retirement Plan. In actuality, it’s a Retirement Savings Plan...Well, what’s the big deal with that? It’s why, despite spending thousands of dollars a year on the 401(k), employees are still unhealthy, in debt, and have woefully little saved for retirement! That’s why I created The Employee Roadmap. It’s a step-by-step System (focusing on one simple, easy action each Quarter) that helps employees build the health, wealth, and retirement savings to live their best, most productive, lives today and the retirement of their dreams. Now that’s what a Retirement Plan seeks to accomplish!

But in order to really do a great job with it, I had to let my licenses and designation expire so that I wasn’t controlled by Wall Street and Big Financial Services companies, and could offer a solution that actually gets results.
And by doing so, I can help businesses anywhere in the country..
And build a System that creates ROI and comes with a Guarantee - the only 401(k) System in existence with that claim!

In working with business owners, another glaring problem surfaced - for most business owners, around 70% of their net worth is tied up in the business; yet something like 70% of all businesses listed for sale…DON’T SELL!

Business owners are often earning good incomes, but aren't creating the impact and lifestyle they dreamed about. So as a former CEPA and Value Builder Advisor, I created the Owners Portal to help business owners make more, stress less, and build a valuable business.

The end result is a System that helps small businesses offer a best-in-class 401(k) and also helps owners and their employees create Real Retirement Readiness.

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